Machinery & Product Development

We are consultants for companies to procure required machineries by analyzing the needs and specifications of the products to be produced, In fields like sheet metal fabrication, machining, structural. We are Authorized Dealers for various Processing and Manufacturing Machineries.

Sheet Metal Industry:
A) Shearing Machine-Manual, NC, CNC.
B) Press Brake-Manual, NC, CNC.
C) Welding Machines.
D) Power Press
E) Hydraulic Press
F) Drilling Machine.etc,
And a Huge Variety of Food Processing Machineries

Product Development

According to the customer requirements we design develop and produce products, and work as consultants for enhancement and development of the products. Currently we work in fabricated products and also in food product development.

We have succeeded in Various small and large scale Food Product Manufacturing Units.

We are Interested in taking up New Ventures, where we can learn new things and Serve to the Customer with utmost satisfaction. We are now increasing our Data base with more experienced professionals and providing additional trainings to them. We are stepping ahead for large numbers of placements and service.