Dec 25, 2012

Coating Condition Surveyor and Inspector (Onshore/Offshore) For Qatar

Coating Condition Surveyor and Inspector (Onshore/Offshore) For Qatar
3 'yrs Contract

Mandatory Requirement:
Bachelor’s degree preferably in Mechanical Engineering & Paint Inspector’s certificate (NACE  Level 2, FROSIO Level 3, SSPC PCI Level 2, TWI-BGAS Grade 2).
Have at least ten (10) years work experience in the field of coating inspection, with at least seven (7) years (or at least five (5) projects) in oil & gas or petrochemical installations, preferably in a production environment and minimum four (4) years as a Coating Condition Surveyor.
 Understanding of basic Corrosion and Corrosion Protection principles.
 Experience working in an offshore oil and gas production environment.
 Extensive painting inspection background to understand the scope of work.
 Ability to use WFT, DFT, PIG, HATE, TD Scan gauges & is well conversant with other inspection tools.
 Ability to generate Coating Inspection & Survey Reports.
 Ability to read & understand Plant & NDT Inspection Reports.
 Ability to relate equipment criticality when making observations and enter inspection data into perspective.
 Ability to relate pictorial references, SSPC Vis 2 & Vis 3 to identify rust grades as per SSPC Std /ASTM D610 and log in report.

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